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Happy Anniversary

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I looked at the calendar and noted that the CMBB demo came out a year ago today! Ahh the memories, I remember it like it was yesterday -- I had to work late that night and couldn't wait to come home & download it.

And then there was an amazing harmonic convergence on this forum with hundreds & hundreds of people playing and dissecting the same three scenarios over and over and over again for weeks, like a frog in biology class. And then there was the begging for a few more "demo" scenarios to tide them over, complaints about "bugs" and "biggest dissapointments" with the demo, and then weeks of whining about why they had to wait a few more weeks to get the real deal in late September.

What a difference a year makes. So...when's the CMAK demo coming out? :D

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I just noticed that CMBB is still in the Top 10 of the biggest game chain in Finland. Nice achievement for a wargame! Shows that decisions such as going for retail in Europe and paying attention to the minor league have paid off.

1. Half-Life

2. Ultima Online 90 days playtime

3. Operation Flashpoint + add-ons

4. Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

5. Neocron

6. Grim Fandango

7. Half-Life Generation 3

8. Pirates of the Caribbean (PC)

9. Rally Trophy

10. Combat Mission 2 : Barbarossa to Berlin

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