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How to calculate arty barrage length?

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Tube number/volley per minute/barrage duration for each type of artillery in the game? That's something I'd figure the grogs would've jumped on a while ago, but I can't actually recall ever seeing stats like that around. I'm a bit surprised!

I recall BFC chiding us players once (or maybe more than once) for not playing the game 'by the seat of the pants' enough. You don't need to know the exact percentile figures for terrain cover, they'd chide us, just play the darned game and get a feel for it! They'd probably say the same for this question too -- Play the game enough and you'll eventually know by-the-seat-of-the-pants how long it takes 50 rounds of 75mm to fall, as opposed to 50 rounds of 150mm. Not a very precise 'groggy' response, I admit.

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