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At the end of the day the method that you use to take screenshots is unlikely to improve the quality of your images that much. Better to gain facility with something readily available and learn the basics of image cropping and composition. The nice thing about the print screen button approach, besides the fact that it is already native to everyone's computer and doesn't require downloading any programs of questionable provenance, is that because it is slow it will force you to think about what you're doing. I used to live with a photography teacher at one of the New York art schools, and it was a standard procedure to make her students use a pin-hole camera for at least one month, and to only shoot pictures with tape over the view finder for another two.

So please feel free to ignore the techno-junkies and go ahead and use the print screen button (which, on my computer, happens to be located in the upper right hand top row, just above the Insert button -- but your keyboard may be different). You've already paid cousin Billy good money for that thing, so you might as well use it.

But having said that, you really should read Soddball's thread that is permanently lodged in place as the second thread in this forum. It answers this question, and many others like it that you are likely to have.

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