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New Scenario: Bäke's Winter Storm II

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Bäke's Winter Storm II


No 3 in the CMBB Combat History series Bäke Battles: “Der Mensch” In The East”, this scenario follows on from the earlier CMBB scenario "Bäke's Winter Storm I".

15 December 1942

The bulk of Panzer Regiment 11, under the leadership of Colonel von Hünersdorff, is assigned to the forward mobile defense of Verkhne Kumksy, a critical jumping off point for the next thrust toward Stalingrad. Major Dr. Bake is deputy commander of this force. A holding force under Hauptmann Löwe is set-up in the village of Verkhne Kumsky itself.

But the tankists and motorized infantry of Colonel-General V.T. Volksii's Soviet 4th Mechanized Corps are full of confidence and grim determination too. They spearheaded the southern pincer that surrounded the 6th Army in Stalingrad and they will die before allowing the German rescue attempt to succeed. Despite the blue skies above the Kalmuk steppe another winter storm is about to break...

Map size: 6km x 4km

Total points combined: 22000

Date: 15th December 1942

Region: South

Battle Type: Static Operation (see Playing Static Operations)

Attacker Comes From: See side specific brief.

Game Length: 2 battles each 60+ turns

Number of Flags: 8

Opening Battle Slot: 2nd

Ground Condition: Light snow

Temperature: Cold

Weather Pattern: Good

Defender: FOW

Map Contours: Gentle

No-Mans Land: 800m

You can download them from The Proving Grounds where they are available for playtesting.

If you want to play against the AI then download Bäke's Winter Storm II AI

Play with AI sticking to 'computer player uses scenario default'. If playing against the AI you can give it a combat experience bonus of at least +2 to up the level of challenge!

If you want to play H2H then download Bäke's Winter Storm II H2H

Each player, in their side specific brief has important information contained therein referring to each subsequent battle. It covers intel and other important information to assist you in planning for the next action.

You can view screenshots and more detailed info about the series HERE

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