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German Pz38t MOD Update

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I've uploaded a small update to my Pz38t mod. I've changed the font used for the turret numbers, think it looks better now.

It's been uploaded as an update, as I can't edit my mods @ CMMODS. This is likely to be a problem with my firewall, & not a problem with CMMODS. :rolleyes:

Get it at the usual place. smile.gif

PS I've also restarted work on the "hasty whitewash" series of vehicle mods, before I got "sidelined" with the minor german allies' vehicles.

Once again, posting at CMMODS.


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But remember that they are mainly other peoples' work that I just play around with, trying to cover gaps in the vehicle range (ie lesser german allies) or trying to get a variation on the "pristine, just out of the field-workshop" whitewash look for winter.

Anyway, for those interested, I've posted some more winter mods @ CMMODS.

Started off with the early war PzIII series (F to H)

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No Junk, it's just the TV's rubbish (only soaps for my better half to become addicted to), the weather's no good & by the time I get in it's too late to fire up CMBB & become engrossed, so I fiddle around with vehicle bmps (jeez, how sad does that sound!)

Next few up at THE place ...

Finnish Ba20 (late)

Romanian Ba10 & Ba20

Soviet Ba10 & Ba20


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