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Is it even possible to win as the Germans in the tutorial demo?

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An EASY way to win in the demo:

Purchase the game. Copy the Demo scenario into the Quickbattle maps folder. Start a Quickbattle using the Demo as the imported map, and purchase a Sturmtiger for added units. It's amazing how EASY it is to win than darned demo scenario now!!!!!!


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Well I managed to beat it 2nd time trying. You just have to make sure you get the tanks. You need a shed load of luck with original setup but if you tinker around with the German troops (after you beat them straith out of the box wich is much harder but more fun) you can do so more easily by pairing up the AT guns with relatively limited LOS. The T34s will trundle into LOF one at a time and are dead easy with flank or turret shots if both guns open up.

Wouldn't like to try this one in multi player though. :eek:

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