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now that intel macs are dual boot...

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hi everyone,

Just wondering that since apple has now added official support for Windows XP: see http://www.apple.com/macosx/bootcamp/publicbeta.html. Does this mean that we can now play the PC versions of the combat mission games on these machines? I mean, I guess the issues now are limited to 3D card support right? Will it work with any of the current intel macs?



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Yo Albert,

I was wondering if that was you after I posted that. Yep still playing CMBB on my G3 as well. Looks like we're stuck to it unless we upgrade to a intel mac and buy windows versions. that however is getting expensive just to play cmbb.

What with a new Mac, xp and Leopard thats a big chunk of change.

If you'd like to play a PBEM game let me know. Hope all is well.

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