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Why is it that almost all scenarios allow the attacker to place units anywhere across the width of the map?

The inevitable consequence seems to be that attackers progress up the sides of the map.

They may be thinking to themselves "I'm not gamey, I'm flanking here", but really all it is doing is taking advantage of the fact that there is a guarantee of no defenders off the map.

Would this be solved by letting the defender place wide, but forcing the attacker to be confined in placement near the middle?

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There’s a problem limiting the attacker’s width; spoiler bombardment. The defender would probably launch artillery and rocket attacks early. One method to get around edge side attackers is to play with large maps and reduce the total amount of game turns.

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Originally posted by xerxes:

A little wire and some AT mines will fix that. What the heck TRP the woods too. A heavy flank attack is in a lot of trouble if it gets blocked and has to shift the direction of attack. The map edge helps the defender too.

Good point - I feel happier now tongue.gif
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