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T-26 & German Truck Bug?

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I don't play much early war CMBB so this is the first time I've seen this.

I've got two T-26 tanks in the German rear area targeting a truck (approx. 200m away). One is the HQ tank for the platoon and the other is a platoon member within a few meters of his commander. Neither tank is "panicked", etc. One tank is in "Hunt" mode (shouldn't matter anyway).

For an entire turn these two tanks have refused to fire a single (gun) round at the truck, so as to move on to other targets! Instead, they pepper it with MG fire! Each tank has over a 100+ rounds of ammo (HE and AP combined), so there is no need to conserve ammo.

This same tank platoon had no problem expending gun round ammo against Panzers (I don't remember how they performed against half-tracks).

Has anybody else experienced this refusal of a T-26 to fire a gun round at a sitting duck truck?

[Ok... On the second turn of targeting the truck, neither T-26 fired a gun round, but continued to pepper it with MG fire! The sitting duck truck was finally knocked out by my tankette approx. 500m away while the T-26 were closing in to less than 200m!!! Go figure.]


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