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It's a cockroach

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Or commonly known as a bug. Unless I read the manual wrong, Onboard mortars are able to make use of TRPs, even without LOS. My mortars, NEVER moved from original position. They will not fire on the TRP. These are Russian 50mm mortars.

I am also curious about one other thing I have noticed. It says the crew has binoculars. Then why cant it see across open ground any farther than a non-binoccular equipped platoon?

Doh! Nevermind. I know why now. Ididnt see it, and never did the enemy. My Sharpshooter hiding in the TRP zone! The TRP graphic is covering up almost all of the sharpshooter. I can just barely see his head.

But I still think the binoculiar thing is interesting.

[ February 22, 2003, 05:52 PM: Message edited by: moosehead ]

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There is a minimum and maximum range for all mortars.

Use the line of sight tool to plot to the trp in question and check the info box at the end of the pointer to see if there is a message stating minimum or maximum range. The Russian 50mm mortar has a relativly short range compared to the larger mortars.


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