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SMG blues...

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October 1943, the Jager 43 infantry, Gebirgsjaegers 43 same month, as well as Ski starting in January 44 - all use the same pattern of 1 LMG, 2 rifles, and 7 SMG per squad, with 25 ammo. They are SMG squads, with a bit better fp at 100-125 meters from the LMG etc.

In early 1944 there are grenadier types with LMG and 8 SMG per squad, with only 20 ammo. They aren't better than the previous and the lost ammo is not made up for by anything. (Since they are a man lighter and 1 is always helping with the LMG anyway etc).

Starting in August 1944, the various VG pattern infantry types become available. Most suffer from the silly mixing of an LMG with pure SMG and the resulting near zero ammo, which prevents the LMG from every being used at range etc. (Late war Russian Guards and mech SMG are similarly neutered by an added DP LMG, which belongs in a separate team).

But there is a type that is useful (again, August 1944 on), the VG Fusilier. Those get 2 squads pure SMG, 9 of them, and the 3rd squad has a useful mix of 1 LMG, 3 rifle, and 5 SMG, with a livable 28 ammo. When you take a company of them, other types are mixed in, some useful in their own role some not. But by platoon you can pick the type above, exclusively.

For most purposes, the vanilla Jaeger 43 pattern above makes a better SMG infantry type. They come in cheap companies with 3 vanilla platoons, the company HQ, and a small section leader with 2 HMGs to help handle ranged fire.

Before October 1943, the best available are the Panzergrenadier and before them Panzer Rifle. Those fight best at 150m or so rather than point blank. They get 35 ammo for a 2 LMG squad. They will beat the SMGs if you catch them at the right range, but in woods or building interiors obviously the SMGs are better.

You can also try pioneers, which are the German specialist short range infantry. They don't use SMGs but demo charges and flamethrowers. The issue with those is range and suppression - you need 30m not 50-70, and they get their specialty shots off if unsuppressed. But harder to use than Jaeger 43.

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