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Daffey mods

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"Opinions? tooz?"--junk2drive

Whitewashed German AFVs for CMAK! Whitewashed German AFVs for CMAK! Whitewashed German AFVs for CMAK! tongue.gif

Personally I think Dey and Aristoteles have been a blessing for this CMer. I am still holding out for a WW SPW 250/11 Grau and MkIIIM GELB (those listed at CMMODS are wrong--they do NOT change these two AFVs), plus that cute little 28mm ATG! ;)

That said, all I want is...MORE!!! :D

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Junk2drive: I know from talking to Wicky that this is a very tricky and time consuming process. So, IF the modder has the time and intrepid enough to add snow to his whitewash--fine!

Then again, won't this lead to people asking for snow topped helmets and uniforms? It seems like it is a hell of a lot more difficult than to just make things white. Then again, YOU'RE the modder here--not me.

Oh yeah, did you ever make that list of CMAK compatible CMBB WW mods?

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Hi J2D, Tooz

I glad ya like the StugIV. Actually Tooz whitewashing is no picnic either, a lot of cases you just end up brighting up the base colour, instead of covering it over with a white coating.

Tooz If you have Gorden Moleks whitewashed packs that PzIIIm is in there. Look in the packs for number set 162260-162279 for the earlier model or 57260-57279 for the late-war model. Just crop off the _ww off the end of the number and move the numbers into your bmp folder.

Your right about that SPW 250/11, the grau and gelb versions seem to be badly lacking for a winterized look.

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A really dumb question but I have to ask.

Can any of the CMBO mods be ported to CMBB with a little re-numbering?

Gordon made a lot of really nice snow-covered German vehicles (which, being late-war, are all dunkelgelb-based).

I'm assuming the answer is no, otherwise it would have already been done.

If a vehicle is whitewashed that suggests that it will operate in a snowy environment.

Vehicles in snowy environments eventually end up with snow on them, especially during snowstorms.

I've noticed that modders who live in cold snowy climates tend to be sensitive to this, probably because they see it every winter.

Note that during the first snow of the winter vehicles will tend to have snow on them, but no whitewash. And during the last couple of snows in the spring as well when the whitewash has worn off and the crews have either run out or don't think it makes sense to apply a new coat.

I haven't played any CMBB scenarios yet, but I was thinking of trying Mikey D's "A Warm Place to Sleep". What's holding me back is that the Sturmgeschutz IIIb, Panzer 38(t)A, and SPW 251/1 wouldn't look right in whitewash, and don't look right without snow on them. And I haven't even guessed what the Russians have in that scenario.

I don't do vehicles. And the only mask I've ever applied to anything was to my face on Halloween. So it may be a very long time untill I play my first CMBB scenario.

I probably should have gotten CMAK. I hate snow, and I like deserts. Then again, if I lived in a warmer climate it would probably be the other way around.

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