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**!!MikeyD Total Redo Stug III B & E (& MORE!)!!**

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I'm back in StugLand

- StuG III B for CMBB

- StuG III E for CMBB

All at our favorite site:


At last the long neglected early CMBB Stugs!

Lots going on with these mods:

Each includes THREE markings sets in its respective DECALS folder:

StuG B has decals representing Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 192, 249, and197 (famously redsignated in '43 as the 653rd Ferdi Battalion).

Stug E's got decals representing Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 197, 249, and a generic unit.

As an extra, StuG B includes patch art that backdates it to an Ausf.A vehicle. And its also got an optional engine deck swastika air recognition flag too.

Here's the screenshots:



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All you guys get is the finished mods.

For me CM has been a vast reservoir for 'virtual modeling'! I haven't had to purchase a plastic kit in years! if you imagine each mod I've done had instead been a $30 plastic kit I would've bankrupted myself with my hobby pursuits by now. With CM my hobby's become virtually - and literally - all for free :D

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Fantastic stuff, Mikey! I've been playing with alot of StuGIIIE's lately and, while I've enjoyed Gautrek's original "dusty" mod, this one takes the cake! Is there an air recognition bmp for the IIIE as well?

I share in everyone's appreciation of all the work you put in to make this game even more enjoyable...

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Hey, they are excellent !!! Really ! But (oh god!) i've got a real dilemma ! Which one modes to choose ??!! SuperB dusty mods of Gautrek (the vehicles with dust looks as real as they really serves from months at the front) or your super detailed and clean mods, with phenomenal suspensions (wheels etc). It is hard choose ...

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