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WW Hertzer MOD

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This is something I was experimenting with awhile back when I still had the trial version of PSP running, it's not very good but there is nothing more I can do at this time.


Now comes the tricky part, I have it at a place called znail.

So just go to http://www.znail.com/

Log on as,

User: Duck

Pass: nailedduck

Then a liitle window should open up, here you click -select file to download-

The only thing is that there is a very limlted download per day.

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Good job DEY !

Desert rairoad (based on gyrene mod) ready !

251/9 Grau with green stripes early 1942, and

Grau 251/9Grau Whitewashed(mods based on my

251/9AF) are ready too !

German captured T34M41WW, T34M42WW and T34M43WW(based on MikeyD mods are on the way, but I've not pipeline to upload them !



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This would appear to be the only other one I can find.


You appear to have been a busy lad Patboy, looking forward to seeing that stuff, in, hopefully the near future.

Thanks David, but the hertzer and isu122 are really more along the lines of works in progress, but since I haven't any decent paint program at the moment, thats as far as I can go with them.

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