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More MOD Madness--WIP

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SdKfz 251/1. I posted this in one of the mod threads but figured this might deserve its own.



My plan for this is to make a basic "factory fresh" Dunkelgelb version only. I'd love to see this used as a base for other mods, especially by those of you who have been doing a great job camouflaging, painting, and otherwise dirtying up the CMBB vehicles, especially since I hate painting camouflage patterns... ;)

If anyone has any suggestions, now is the time, as this mod is still needs a lot of work.

And no, I'm not ignoring my 6-week-old son to do this... I did it at work! All on my lunch breaks, of course. :rolleyes: Really.

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Originally posted by Zimorodok:

oooh oooh me! pick me! pick me!

ummm, could you also do up the other SPW 251/xx HT's as well? Most notably the /9 /10 and /16?


Consider yourself picked! Like I wrote before, I had guys like you in mind when I started this. I think it's more accurate to say that I'm too *lazy* to paint camo patterns. After all the work re-building the vehicle from scratch I get impatient when trying to get camo patterns to match up. That's why you only get the crude (but historically accurate) splotches on mods like my Marder II and Nashorn. smile.gif

I may do the others in the same style, although I think the 251/9 and /16 use the old CMBO models. Shouldn't be too tought to shoehorn these BMPs in place, though.

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