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End of Op. score

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We just finished an Op called "Gambler's Fallacy"

The score card in the lower half of the victory screen gives no indication/score of what parameters were significant in deciding the game.

The top half of the victory screen says we got a "draw" and lists men OK, vehicles KO'd, etc. but it's not clear why the game ended in a draw.

In another thread the scenario designer/author (Xerxes) said that if the Germans got across the river in force, the Soviets were in trouble.

Well... my (German) opponent kicked my butt down the map and over the river and toasted every significant asset I had. The only thing left for my opponent to do was march a brass band over the bridge and down the middle of the map.

Yet the game ended in a draw and I am left to speculate how I got a "draw" out of a thrashing.

Is it because I put the hurt on a lot of his stuff? -or-

Is ground held still deciding this?

Are all Op victory screens blank on the lower half?

(We are both running v1.03)

Thanks in advance,


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Some ops use a setting that alters the victory points gained for causing casualties, to give a feel for operational requirements.

For example, if the defender had to hold their ground, and the attacker take, regardless of cost, then the casualties caused on the attackers would be worth less than 100%. Conversely, if the defenders were aiming to exact a heavy toll on the attacker in return for ground given up, casualties to the attacking side would be counted as greater than 100% of their value.

This setting is in the parameters of the the op, under attacker ratio or some such.

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