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Soft ground mod?

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I was playing a game today and ran across this soft ground terrain for the first time. I wasn't even aware that there was such a thing but yep it's in the game. Anyway, I am having a heck of a time telling it from the rest of the terrain and was wondering if anybody has modded it yet so it would stand out better? Anybody know anything about this?

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hi lcm. i see you're a fellow texan! boy, you sure are the inquisitive one, aren't you? anyway, ever hear of cmmos? if not, go to

http://www.combatmission.com/ and get it! it's a tool for easily switching between different mods submitted by modders. not all mods mind you, only the ones that are cmmos compatible. those are included at the sight for download. and yes, there's 1 for soft ground as well.

anyway, i see you're having fun with the game and that's the important part. good luck!

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Thanks Zukkov for taking the time to reply. I of course know of CMMOS smile.gif but since I don't use it I'm afraid I just - well, kind of forgot about it. redface.gif Been using the CM Database site for my D/L's but will have to remember I need to refer to it as well when looking for something. Again, I appreciate the reply and yes I seem to be full of questions. :D Have had the game about 3 weeks now and am having a blast. I thought CMBO was fun, man this one is truely great. And Thank you too JP Jones for the help also. Yes I did read the manual, actually cover to cover but missed tons of stuff I'm afraid. :mad: ;) Anyway appreciate it gents.

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