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Great ideas start somewhere.....

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...and since there is no Mod specific forum, I have to post it here. AND since I don't know how to do mods, I thought that I'd toss this one out there.

Why not have a Total CMBO Conversion Mod for CMBB?

Many are anxious to have the latest features on the "Western" Front. There are enough lend lease vehicles to do it with the Shermans and Churchills, etc...

Naturally, all Soviet vehicles would have to be ignored.

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No, no rune. I think that you misunderstood me. I'm not suggesting that CMBO mods be used for CMBB. No way.

Instead of red stars on the lend-lease Shermans, why not white stars? Stuff like that?

Actually one could go into the mods for the Soviet lend-lease vehicles and remove any Soviet identification markings and at least pretend that they're on the West Front with American vehicles. Can't they?

This way a gamer can get the flavor of what CMBO would be like if it were re-fitted with CMBB's features.

Why not also put US uniforms and weapons on the Soviet infantry? I believe that one could get a pretty close approximation that wouldn't be all too noticable at level 3 and up.

Anyways, if the infantry can't be changed, the vehicles can. I can at least see that (and I know nothing of modding.)

Imagine.....tank battles on the West Front with platoons, cover arcs, etc....

It wouldn't be the whole shebang, but the aroma would certainly be there.

And there IS something there. I just know it.

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The problem with this idea is your western allies would act like eastern allies. Human wave and all.

(For the record: I'm as happy as a clam... I've waited close to 20 years for an update to Kampfgruppe!)

(Clarification for old grogs... I know it's really 18 years)

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It's been suggested already.

Basically you'll be limited in the number of countries that could be represented on the Allied side to just one country at a time. You would have to swap out all of the files for the Americans, British, Canadians, Poles, French, etc. each time you wanted to play a different Allied nation.

On top of this you'll be lacking all sorts of late-war AFVs (you'll primarily have the M4A2 as the only Sherman variant). Plus squad sizes and weapons will remain the same.

I guess if the "Desert Fox - Desert Rats" conversion was fine with you, then this could work. But there are so many differences between what CMBB could be moded to and what exists in CMBO that I personally wouldn't really consider it worth it. But some people just want to do it because they can...

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