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As far as I know, AFV command is more or less the same as infantry command. The HQ vehicle has the same characteristrics and vehicle crews can panic, too. And sometimes crews bail out even if the vehicle is not damaged, but got hit a few times... so if you morale is boosted, they won´t do it, I think. But as my HQ vehicles are reglarly shot up the first in nearly every gamne, I can´t tell exactly...

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@Sgt AA: Well, in reality HQ´s have more radio equipment installed on the tanks - that´s visible. Maybe that´s simulated when the AI hits your/our HQ´s more often than not first. Problem is we don´t have the same chance as we play with extreme FOW... though I don´t want to scale down it, I don´t know what we could do about it otherwise.

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Originally posted by Sgt AA:

"You have to look at the portrait of the tank crewman. The commander is different."

I play at maximum FOW, so for me that is seldom a possibillity. But the AI always seems to know the differens. :confused:


Obviously you can't see the TC portrait. The Tac AI, which both your commanders on the ground and the AI's commanders use, targets the highest value unit first, taking into account other things like likelyhood of killing etc. It's a workaround in the code but it works reasonably well.

Of course, terrible gamey people will crest with all their tanks and then move their HQ tank back and forth in and out of LOS, thus making the enemy target the HQ, then the other tanks, then the HQ again etc and therefore lose the increased chance-to-kill ratio, while their own are happily scoring hits.

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