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silly question about tanks and indirect fire

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So Im playing a 5000 assault against my room mate, me on defence. Im sure even a noob like him will smash me with 8600 points of tanks and arty, but hey, if it get's him into the game, fine.

After about 10 turns, he says "This is stupid! I can't use my panther in the front to call indirect fire in from my Sturmtiger at the back of the map. I should just be4 able to lob shells over that hill and hit you."

The only good responce that I could give him was "Well, if BTS didnt model it, it probably wasnt possible". But he is adamant that he should be able to do it.

Now, Ive never heard of anyone using even SP guns for indirect fire from a mere 1800m away, but Im not really a grog, so I told him Id ask on here....

So, someone who knows what you're talkin about, I ask : Is it plausable to use SP guns or even tank guns to fire indirectly on something within the scope of a medium sized 5000 assault map?

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Americans did a lot of indirect fire using tanks (the Sherman and its medium-pressure 75mm gun), not the Germans. Didn't even supply indirect fire quadrants to their tanks (I've heard of a Jgdtiger having to borrow one in order to attempt indirect fire). Don't know about the Russians, The T34's gun fires the standard 76mm artillery shell, but they had artillery pieces coming out their ears towards the war's end so they didn't feel the need.

One thing about indirect fire and high velocity guns, the shell's liable to travel MUCH farther than your standard CM battle map - which makes it all a moot (not mute) point. This of course doesn't apply to Sturmtiger but they would've had to do a LOT of fancy coding to get one high-arc firing vehicle to work in the game.

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