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Hq question

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How come every German platoon is lead by a lt?I thought only one platoon had a comissined officer the others being lead by n.c.o's?Also when an Hq goes down I would like to see either the first squad or the most experienced take over.You could give them a much reduced command line so they would lose a lot of their offensive capabillities yet be able to maintain some defensive role.This would simulate the senior n.c.o taking command of the platoon while everyone else moved up to fill the place of his immeadiate superiour which was one of the great strenghs of the German doctrine.To see some thirty odd veterans lose it because their platoon leader is down seems a tad suspect especially the Germans on the defense.What do you think?

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Losing the HQ means you have to organize a whole new HQ team with runners etc. Though initially everybody was trained to fulfill the tasks of one higher up, to sort out things takes some time. There is some shock factor, so that is ok.

Besides - if the plt is vet, chances of some corporal commanding the plt and only a limited amount of pfcs commanding the squads are high. So if that corporal (which is said to be a lt in the game) gets killed, there is nobody trained to do the job two or three ranks above.

My Grandpa was a corporal, and it seems he commanded a plt for a very long time.

...Long enough to lead it across the frozen "Frische Haff", then back from East Prussia, avoiding the Gustloff and embarking on a cruiser instead.

Then he went home, the war ended and he showed up at a POW camp: "You only fought East Front?" "Ja" "Bye."



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