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After Action Reports - Whys and wherefors?

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Having recently completed 4 AAR's (mostly designed for newbies like myself to overcome apparently impossibly difficult scenarios without softening the conditions) I am curious as to who reads these AAR's and if they find them useful. I know that hundreds visit those that are published (by B&T) but do they read them and what do they get out of them.

There are also other AAR's published of a different kind which relate an experience for others to benefit from that experience. Who reads those and what do they look for.

In other words could we please have some feedback.

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I Love AAR's. First of all, because one can learn tremedously from following the though process of another person in an actual battle (not in a generic hints and tips write up).

But mostly, it's because it brings you into the game almost as much as the real thing (especially when there are some pics to aid in visualizing). When you're at work, nothing beats a good AAR read during lunchtime to get you your CMM fix!


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I really like reading AARs.... BUT

Lots of screen shots make all the difference. If I'm faced with just lots of text to wade through I can find it very difficult to visualise the battle.

But a well formatted, and graphical ARR can make a great read.

I have started writing AARs for every PBEM game I play, it helps my thinking processes during the battle and creates a more intimate feeling for each individual unit that I'm in command of. It does take quite a bit of effort to do properly though.


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