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Scenario Design Tips section up at The Proving Grounds

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I actually opened it up a couple of weeks ago but didn't broadcast it outside of the site, so doing so now here.

The Proving Grounds is proud to present "Scenario Design Tips" forums and postings. As mentioned, it's really just getting underway, but there's already some great info on Map Making by Panther Commander aka Mad Russian (captured Panther perhaps? :D ). Anyways, looking to have more of you experienced designers join up and post your tips so that us designer's in learning can join in and ask some questions and pick up some tips!

Aside from the Design Tips section, TPG also offers Opponent Finding (non-ladder), Scenario Downloads for beta-testing, an extensive Reference Section with over 100 links to sites of interest to the scenario designer, a Maps Section, a VL Planning Tool to help with number/sizes of VL's, and some good chat that doesn't strictly deal with just CM.


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LOL! Yup, small hiccup earlier tonight, but that gave me time to update the look of the site yet once again. I hope you approve, the issue of the page not fully filling up the browser window has been addressed. ;)

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Originally posted by jwxspoon:

That's an excellent article on map making. I was going to post a follow up on it, but alas I could not figure out how to reply to the post. :[


You have to log into your account first spoon. There's a little warning message that shows up top if you're not logged in with a link that goes to the log in page, or just click the "key" that is in the very upper right-hand corner of the site on all pages.
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