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SU-85 and SU-100 Winter mods

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I am looking for white-washed mods for the SU-85 and SU-100 Russian tank destroyers. Currently, I have the mods done by Gordon a long time ago and was wondering if there were alternatives out there that are a little more detailed than these.

No offense to Gordon, or whoever the author of these mods may be. I hope that I have correctly identified the artist. They are good mods, but I would like to see these vehicles done with the same attention to detail as some of the modded German white-washed tanks and tank destroyers.

Thanks to the CM modding community for their hard work and continued efforts.

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"if there is any other alternatives around".

Well I can think of at least four right off the top of my noggin.

Tracer has reposted a winterized version of the SU-100 at cmmods, so that should also include the SU-85m, being that they both share the same hardcoded entity.

UncleTgt has just recently posted at cmmods, a whitewashed version of the SU-85.

And as Patboy states above he made an excellent whitewashed SU-85, that he has posted at zimorodok's.

I made a whitewashed version of the SU-85m and SU-100 earlier this winter also and this is posted at cmmods.

Actually there are two hardcoded model setup's in cmbb for these AFV's, one hardcoded entity for the su-85 and another one that is shared by the su-85m and su-100.

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