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Axis Minors

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I thought I'd post some links and stuff on the axis minors, if anyone has any links on anything in regards to the Romanians, Italians and Hungarians and Finland maybe you could pass it along. I can't hardly find anything on the Hungarians or Italians on the net.

I'll start with the Finns first.


Some Info

This link has some interesting info on the Stug3 in Finnish service.

Finnish Stug3

This has some battle history and OOB's

Finnish OOB

Here is a forum but it doesn't seem very active.

Nordic wars

Data on guns and ammo

Finnish Gunnery Data

A pic of a model of a bt42 tank, click the pic to enlarge

Pic of BT42 model

This has some very light info on AFV's

AFV info

A little Romanian stuff.

Some light info on AFV's

AFV info

Combat accounts of a Lt. Ion S. Dumitru

Lt. Ion S. Dumitru

Romanian Knights Cross Holders of WWII

Great web site on Romanian efforts in WW2

Romanian WW2 effort

Direct link to the above sites forum

WW2.RO forum

Romanian gun and ammo data

Romanian Gunnery Data

Some very little Hungarian stuff.

Here is a little info on the Hungarian OOB into 1942

1942 OOB

Hungarian AFV Specifications

AFV Specifications

The Hungarians in Barbarossa

Light info

Light info on AFV's

Light AFV info

Gun and ammo info

Hungarian Gunnery Data

Very, very little Italian stuff

Gun and ammo info

Italian Gunnery Data

A thread in a forum about Italy on the eastern front

Eastern front

Some light and fluffy AFV info

Light AFV info

An AFV site

Lots of AFV info

If anyone has any other info maybe you could post it.

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I don't suppose you came across any caches of color photographs of head shots of minor axis re-enactors staring directly into the camera by any chance ? Please say no, because if you did, I might have to start another unit portrait set.

There's some nice Italian material at Commando Supremo, along with a pretty good forum on Italy in WWII. There's also an astonishing number of Italian fascist sites out there that glorify Mussolini, disclaimers notwithstanding. A weird combination of creepy and unintentionally funny. I found them when I was looking for WWII Italian music, of which there is quite a lot (some of it very good, some of it incredibly bad). From the sounds of it the same guy who was writing songs for Fred Astaire may also have been writing songs for Mussolini when he invaded Africa.

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