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Scenario detailed units list

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I was wondering if this is an issue also for others: in CMBB as well as in CMBO, specially for large scenarios, the most difficult thing to do is to keep track of your units. This means: who are my men and which are their characteristics? Cycling through them with + and - is good, but what I really miss is a detailed list of all the units under my command which gives me a synoptic view of my forces. And I mean a written list, so that I can check the units at any time. I find this useful when you have to choose somebody to assign a special mission, i.e. reconnaissance, and you want the best fitting unit (in terms of experience, for example).

I've searched on line for some tool to print or export in text file the unit list in each scenario, but I didn't find anything. So just created an excel table with the following heading: unit leader rank, unit leader name, unit id, unit type, unit experience, unit headcount (these are the characteristics that can be considered intrinsic of the unit). Below this heading a list of blank cells to fill by hand, checking each unit with + and - at the beginning of a scenario.

OK, I didn't want to be boring, just to explain how I solved this issue and to ask you hardcore gamers if 1) you find this issue to be relevant and 2) how did you solve it.


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I do about the same for big scenarios.

But I add the leader bonus to your list: Command bonus is good for scouting, stealth for ambush or flanking, morale for the assault troops or the crucial position (or guns!). Combat bonus helps everywhere.

This list is the base for any decision in the setup and my plan.

If I have less than 2 Coys, I usually just evaluate the plts as a whole.


"B1 Cmd+2 Mo+1 S+1 Cbt+0 VRC- PzGr42"

is B Company, 1st plt: a PzGr42 plt with a Vet HQ with the denoted bonus, 1st squad regular, 2nd squad crack, 3rd squad missing. If there are initial losses, the unit gets a marker (light/hvy losses).

If there is a huge number of MG42 or PPSh's in the plt, it gets another marker (Long range, short range).

Hvy plts are listed with groups for each weapon type.

Coy or btn leaders are listed separately.



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But I add the leader bonus to your list
Yes, I forgot it!

Now I'm trying to develop a sort of Access database to input all my units and then print a report, but I am wondering if it's worth. In the end it's more the time spent in listing units than in playing! tongue.gif

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