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cmbb on youtube ?

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"Broken Citadel" series of trailers

Note the extensive use of mods and absolute lack of neo-Nazi-flavored heavy-metal music.

Broken Citadel Trailer No.1


Broken Citadel Trailer No. 3 (The Germans)


Broken Citadel Trailer No. 4 (The Russians)


Broken Citadel Final Trailer (The Battle of Kursk)


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"Broken Citadel" is a war movie about the Kursk operation made with Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin that exists in theory only and therefore only in the form a series of hypothetical trailers.

The reality is that is it impossible to make a "real" feature-length movie/machinima using Combat Mission, given the restraints of the engine (the inability to create fully realized human characters being the primary obstacle).

Nevertheless, the engine is strong enough to support the creation of the fictional trailers and, in the case of "Roads to Moscow," a music video. In fact, both projects were inspired by a challenge to create some sort of entertaining machinima using Combat Mission.

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