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How to attack a building?

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Prelude to Anzio is a night scenario. I think you should spread out your forces, so that not multiple squads or teams get pinned down by a lone shooter. Pin them down one by one. Use surpressive not when you are in range or within sight of the target, but stop a metre or so before you get a visual contact and shoot at - the wall of the building (for example). Hit it from different angles. do not have any of your units approach the targeted zone or they will cower under "friendly" fire. Time your assault then with the stopping of surpressing fire. When engaging a hostile unit at night, it will be a short distance fight, so pray that no other of YOUR forces have also a line of sight to the enemy. I recommend to use those fire arcs in order to establish certain areas of responsibility for every of your advancing units.

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If the prophet does not come to the mountain, the mountain has to go to the prophet.

At night it might be a good idea to bypass the church if it ain't the sole objective.

If it is the sole objective, bypass it, surround it and set up blocking positions.

Then fire at them from their rear or all directions. Use area fire as you probably can't see them. They'll probably get as nervous as your own troops.

Set covered arcs to make sure your firers don't receive friendly fire. Even better fire with keyholed units that have no LOS to friendlies.

Fire at them from the left, area target the left wall and storm from the right. Once 1-2 squads have a foothold, most enemy fire will concentrate on them. Then assault with fresh men from another direction.

Before opening up:

If you can sneak a pioneer unit close enough, you could try to throw a demo charge. Satchel charges might do, too. Halfsquads are more fragile, but less visible.



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First make sure your squads are spread nearly to command limits of the leader. Then set covered arcs at the limit of your visual range concentrating only on the intended building. Sneak a platoon so the building is just within the arc. Split a squad, assualt intended building with the half that has the SMG. You may lose the split squad but a platoon's worth of incoming fire is enough to make enemy squads bunched up in buildings surrender at night. Repeat until you run out of ammo, or your opponent gets wise.

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