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Flag control

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I just finished game and noticed something about flags which I thought was different.

I was attacking and attacked through 2 small flags and when secured them I moved my men forward. Next to both flags I had some men perhaps 100m away, but defender never had any units closer than this after I pushed them away.

But when battle was over I noticed flags weren't in my control, I was 100% sure enemy couldn't have moved troops there but just didn't have anyone sitting next to that flag.

Wasn't this different, control status didn't change unless enemy moved troops there. If it has been so and it was changed when did it happen and why?

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Funny. I always thought you kept control if enemy didn't move troops there. During battle flags were of course shown as question marks because you couldn't be sure, but in end I thought you would control flag if enemy wouldn't have been even close to flag.

If it has always been so I wonder why I haven't heard anyone complaint about it because it is really stupid. If I annihilate enemy and clear all important locations (flags) and can be 100% sure enemy can't move there it doesn't make any sense that I would have to leave one man standing in middle forest just to keep some magic flag occupied.

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In order to 'control' a flag, you must have at least some units within a certain distance. I've never figured out exactly what 'a certain distance' is, and it may actually vary by unit type. It also seems to depend on the density of units near the VL - i.e., one half squad at 80m might not be able to control a VL, but a whole Company arrayed in a circle around the VL might. It doesn't matter if you gained control previously, you must have a unit near the flag to get points for it at the end of the game. The are certain types of unit that cannot control or contest VL - the details are in the manual.

I use out-of-ammo AT and mortar teams, and tank and gun crews to hold VLs that I have already cleared, so long as the VL(s) in question are unlikely to come under enemy pressure for the rest of the match. It's also a good job for transport vehicles that you don't really need for transport anymore, so long as there's someplace to hide them near the VL that protects them from long range fire.

While it might be nice to be able to 'clear and pass' flags for some games (especially long advancing attacks), I like it the way it is. After all, otherwise, you could get forced off a VL by enemy fire (but not actual enemy occupation) and still get points for it, which is unrealistic IMHO. It's pretty rare that I take a VL and don't have a crew or rattled half squad to babysit it. IMHO, If you can't actually sit and camp out on a VL, you don't really own it.



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Originally posted by xerxes:

If you don't have at least 1 crew or trashed squad to leave behind to guard a flag, I think you're already annhiliating your opponent. Pull a 1/2 squad back to guard the flag and give your opponent a break!


Only time I have that much over my opponent is when I play the AI....+150% to me....and have the AI attack. :eek:

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In that battle I had troops near those flags, but they were about 80-100m away from flags because wanted my mortars to have LOS to battle area.

But anyway I won the battle. Could say enemy was annihilated and luckily my losses weren't too high so won anyway even without those couple flags.

Perhaps in this battle is just would have been better if wouldn't need troops sitting on flag. Map was huge and mostly open and just so damn big for our troops.

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