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It's Just My Luck

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Originally posted by patboy:

To share what ? The shadow looks like Focke Wulf 190 and not Stuka ? Or maybe a german plane strafing a german panzer ? :D

Collateral damage are an integral part of war !

Take it easy, Wittman is not dead in Russia, somewhere only in Normandy :D


Alright, Patboy. Let me set the scene: I'm playing "Opening Moment" and haven't even gotten a chance to commit this Tiger platoon to battle(they're bunched together in a rear area). On the previous turn I observed a Stuka attack some Soviet positions and thought, "Yay! Air Support!" The next thing I know a Stuka has planted a bomb smack in the middle of the most powerful platoon I have, immobilizing or destroying most of it. Yay...air support.
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When friendly fire happens to trucks or halftracks you shrug your shoulders. But whacking a whole platoon of Tigers HURTS!

Until recently I've never had the trouble with friendly airstrikes that others have complained about. But in a recent game I finally got hurt bad by a friendly airstrike. Not platoon-of-Tigers bad, but bad nonetheless.

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Originally posted by chiavarm:

It would be interesting to know if the pilot was "green"?

Does the experience of the air unit vary if so how would you know the actual skill level of the pilot?

I don't think you can really tell statisticly or anything, but you can gauge by how accurate it is.

One time I bought a crack hurricane II (CMAK). I assumed it came out elite, because it dropped its bombs almost perfectly on an enemy convoy and 20mm'ed two half tracks to death with precision. I've found veteran or lower skill level pilots to bomb much more inaccurately, or they will attack futile targets more commonly.

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Originally posted by Zveroboy:

Spread out even if it is a rear area!!

Forgot where I read this but IIRC there were 3 sets of distances to be used for panzers 50m, 100 and 150 m between each tank.

Yeah, I really should have thought of that, but I'd never been stung by friendly fire that badly, either.
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