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Disappearing foxhole bug?

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So, I'm playing an operation (Blitzkreig, from the CMBB CD) against L4Pilot, and we've run up against something neither of us has noticed before.

I'm attacking as the Germans. At the end of battle 2, I had forces occupying some ground on which Russians had dug foxholes. Some of my troops occupied these foxholes at the conclusion of the battle. At the start of battle 3, all of these "captured" foxholes that were in "no-man's land" had disappeared. Foxholes I had captured that were within my setup area remained.

Has anyone else noticed this? A search didn't turn anything up, but maybe the issue has been raised and archived.

BF.C please fix or do sumfink. ;)

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Don't think it's a bug. The defensive player can credit themselves back the foxholes by clicking on them in their next battle setup before placing them again where they want - forget the key combos but it's in the manual somewhere.

Had me puzzled for a while in a long CMAK D-Day defensive operation wondering what on earth was going on.

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Ok, I kind of remember that the defender can create "fallback" or "secondary" defensive positions, if allowed by the scenario/operation.

It may not be a bug, per se, but I would contend that if foxholes that magically fill themselves when captured by the enemy aren't a bug, then they are at least broken by design. ;P

But note it wasn't ALL of the foxholes; just the ones that were in no-man's land. That's suspicious to me.

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