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A couple of suggestions

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I would be surprised if no one else has suggested this, and I missed it, but if not, here goes...

I am curious whether others would find it useful/entertaining to have one more zoom view in the game, that being a first person view from an individual soldier's/vehicle commander's point of view? Maybe target someone and then with a key shift "into" that person, with arrow views left and right as you scanned?

Being a computer novice, I am not even sure if this is technically possibly, but it would seem not much different than the highest zoom now in the game. The benefit would be that sometimes in the highest current view your LOS is blocked by vehicles, whereas an unbuttoned tank commander would be able to see over other vehicles.

Also, would it be helpful and even possible to rename a character's name in the game? To your own? I think this would also enhance the role-playing and immersive aspects of the game.

I think these could make the game even more immersive than it already is in its excellance.


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A suggestion.

Try hitting "Tab" to lock your view to a unit, then hitting "[" zoom should bring you right over the soldier's/commander's shoulder. You'll be pointing precisely where his gun is pointing. Here's a good use for the x4 zoom, you can see precisely where the shot strikes the target! It's great fun.

AND, if you open a scenario in the scenario editor you can, for many units, give them their own specific names.

Hah! Never underestimated the cleverness of the boys at BFC.

[ June 03, 2003, 03:13 PM: Message edited by: MikeyD ]

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