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** NEW MOD ** Saving Private Ivan/Ryan - Barbarossa to Berlin Terrain

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Since I had a request to do a high-res version without the noise, I've done both hi-res and low-res versions and posted them on www.cmmods.com, with names prefixed with 'SPI' ('Saving Private Ivan'). The "noisy" low-res versions are still there as 'SPR-BB'. Sorry, no screenshots or readme for this batch; they use the same Photoshop script as the SPR-AK mods, so the preview file from that batch should give you an idea of what to expect.



From the readme (in the SPR-BB-Preview.zip file):

The 'Saving Private Ryan - Barbarossa to Berlin' (SPR-BB) collection of mods is my way of trying to brighten up the terrain elements of Combat Mission - Barbarossa to Berlin.

I have used Photoshop to add 'film grain', up the contrast, and lower the saturation of most of the terrain elements in the game, while leaving all UI, armor and infantry .bmps alone. This gives the game (I hope!) a look much like many of the old 60s-70s WWII (and western) movies that I watched growing up (with the 'film grain' an attempt to get them looking like 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Band of Brothers'). As a side benefit, this also tends to add some extra 'contrast' to the active participants in the game. Since the 'film grain' noise made the files grow in size, this set of mods (unlike my previous SPR-AK mods which didn't add noise) is only available as a low-res set.

SPR-BB is made up of the following zip files:

1. SPR-BB-Preview.zip

contains readme and 3 comparison screenshots (with SPR-BB on top, CMBB out-of-the-box on bottom).

2. SPR-BB-BuildingsLR.zip

3. SPR-BB-GrassGridLR.zip

Grass tiles only (with gridlines), not 'overlays' or doodads.

4. SPR-BB-GrassLR.zip

Grass tiles only (no gridlines), not 'overlays' or doodads.

5. SPR-BB-SkiesLR.zip

6. SPR-BB-TerrainElementsLR.zip

The terrain elements are the terrain 'overlays' (like wheat fields), as well as doodads.

A quick plug for 'McMMM', the Mod Manager I wish I'd written! It's a great way to install whole sets of mods (like SPR-BB), and back out the changes any time you want! I use it for all my CMxx games. Give it a spin and you may never go back to CMMOS (I know I haven't, and I LOVED CMMOS)!

You can find McMMM (and the SPR-BB mods) on www.cmmods.com.

Please let me know if you have any problems with these. Hope you enjoy them!


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Originally posted by johnnymo:

I see on the SPR-AK files that the high-res files have been downloaded something like 4 or 5 times for every 1 low-res, so I'll get to work on high-res sans noise. Will probably take a couple weeks (just to find the time to do the conversion and get the uploads done).

what do you guys mean by noise?
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Noise = "graininess".

Think of how Saving Private Ryan looked, with apparent 'flaws' in the film quality that made it look scratchy. That's the effect I was going for by applying a 'Film Grain' filter, but it unfortunately doesn't have the same effect as in the movie. In the mod, instead of making it look like a scratchy film, it makes everything brighter and slightly blurry due to the introduced noise (aka graininess).

The high-res files I'm working on will not have the noise, so they will not be blurry or grainy.

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