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*MODs POSTED* (pakfans)Tiger A and T34's splash screens buttons

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I have my latest mod ready for posting when the database is upgraded.

Its for Pakfans Tiger A splash screen.

I have changed the text colour to stand out more.

So its easier to read now.


So watch this space. smile.gif

edited cause i cant speeel

[ September 14, 2003, 06:17 PM: Message edited by: gautrek ]

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Nice job Master Gautrek ! :cool:

As I already have a Pakfan's splashscreen, your artwork interests me very much. But I have a little suggestion about your "Tiger" splashscreen : would it be possible to harmonize the color of the central picture (the Tiger) with the others on each sides. I don't know how it would render but could you have a try ?

You may make the Tiger looks "yellow" to be the same color as the little pictures. Or the contrary :confused:

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Originally posted by lcm1947:

Oh I like this latest one even better. That is sharp! Please don't do anymore gautrek I can't keep switching back and forth like this. :D

Its all right i am not doing anymore now.

(well maybe not for a night or two). smile.gif

I am also thinking about doing one of my own.Anybody got any nice Russian photos i can use.As i seem to have loads of german ones.

I am also thinking about doing some of the other screens.Like the chose a side screen and the AAR report.

Just to remind everybody i am only modding the buttons not the screens.These were all done by Pakfan.I just happen to like them

[ September 15, 2003, 05:08 PM: Message edited by: gautrek ]

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