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Where's the smoke?

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After two years of playing CMBO, I am on my 8-9th. game of CMBB.

Smoke seemed to be everywhere in CMBO. The FOs, mortars, and tanks all had it and the strategic and tac AI certainly used it. However, CMBB seems pretty smokeless.

I was just wondering if anyone knew why?


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Have you accidentally turned your smoke off? !!

Actually in my current game I am popping smoke like a train , mortars off=board , on-board and my Valentines. The t34's are providing smoke when they burn........ Five Panthers get lots of respect at 800 metres when you cannot flank them.

It seems the Soviets did'nt use smoke tactically from their tanks - shells or smoke mortars. In another recent thread [last ten days] this is discussed more knowledgeably.

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