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First scenario at the Depot by long time forum member

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Hi, All,

I've been posting regularly at this forum for some time now, and I've much enjoyed the dialogue, while learning a lot, too. I've also become a fan of many of the fine scenario designers in the CM community. Now, I've completed my first scenario and have released it at the Scenario Depot. I'd much appreciate it if some of you would check it out and give me your comments or even post a review. The title is, "We Must Have that Ridge!"

Designed for PBEM or Allies vs. the AI, it is a fictional Russian attack against a reverse slope defense. I think it should be challenging and offer good practice in reverse slope technique for both attacker and defender. Here's the general briefing:

General Briefing:

It is August, 1944. The Russians summer offensive in the south has achieved another breakthrough. The Axis divisional commander has rushed his last fresh reserve units to occupy a key ridgeline and block the Russian spearhead.

This ridgeline is critical because it provides the only high ground in the immediate area—on the northern and southern extremes of the ridge (off map), the elevation tapers off into extensive swamps and to the west the terrain stretches off as an extensive plain.. Moreover, across the ridge and along its crest run the region’s only real roads—dirt roads, to be sure, but the keys to local mobility. The German reserves arrived at dusk and began to take up positions mere minutes before light Russian recon forces came into view—and headed for cover as they realized they were facing a strong Axis force. Then night fell, and dismounted Russian recon infantry patrolled the fringes of the German line, taking fire from Axis advance outposts, and in the process, gaining some idea of the German position. The recon troops report that the Axis has established a reverse slope defense in the scattered trees along the ridgeline, while holding a few observation posts along the road in advance of the main line of resistence. A Russian artillery bombardment has also left its mark on the battlefield.

A new day dawns and a powerful Russian attack is almost certain to come with first light. The Russian commander in charge of the attack has been told by his superiors, “We must have that ridge!” The German commander knows that he must hold the ridgeline at all costs for at least for one day, or his entire division may be doomed. On both sides, soldiers tensely prepare to feel the heat of battle. This is sure to be a long, hard day. "

It's rapidly slipping off the new release list as many of us rush to get out CMBB scenarios out before the arrival of CMAK. If you want to check it out, you can find it here.

Thanks! :D

Oh, yes, I need to also acknowledge that the map derives, with some modifications, from the excellent Biltongs Campaign Map series.

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Guest Manstein22
Oh, yes, I need to also acknowledge that the map derives, with some modifications, from the excellent Biltongs Campaign Map series.
Hi CombinedArms

I`m very much pleased you used my crossroad map.

Perhaps some more people will check out Biltongs Maps smile.gif

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