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Where is the CM engine going?

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been playing the game for a very, very long time, but haven't been around the forums.

Any news on where the game engine is going? Is there any intention to return to WW2, and the roots of the game?

I would pay for one more expansion, if it had the following in it:

Complete game. CMAK level engine that can do all the previously released theaters at the CMAK level of gameplay and graphics.

Do whatever it takes to have the end of turn movie files able to be spliced together then viewed as a complete battle.

I am sure there are a bunch of other enhancements that could be tossed in, but the above would be worth an expansion pack price point alone, IMO.

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BFC has pretty emphatically stated that development for the CMx1 engine of CMBO-CMAK is over for them. There will be no more titles released with this game engine, unless you count the much delayed, but apparently still alive Combat Mission Campaigns, which is actually an operational layer grafted on top of the CMx1 engine.

However, the next major title for CMx2 (the game engine which had its debut with CMSF), is planned to be a WWII title, Normandy setting. Following its release (still 12-24 months down the road, I would guess), there are plans for follow-on modules of other WWII theatres.



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AFAIK CMC will come with a slightly tweaked CMBB which should generate a lot of gaming. Other than that I think this scale is dead - which is a great shame/mistake.

Still Les Grogs will provide the grand scale battles and that IS due this year.

BTW the film of your CM games can be had through PBEMHelper. Not quite seamless as you do have a 3-5 second gap between minutes but as you are actually "replaying" the original film you can change your view and zoom around every time you watch it. Also of course you get your freeze frame and reverse play : )

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