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Originally posted by Meach:

That is a good read. I liked the bit about "shooting at tanks without misses!"

400m? Would a PTRD penetrate a PIII at 400m, side turret for example?

I think only if it was an early Pz III with an escape hatch on the side of the turret...and the escape hatch was actually open.

Although the booklet does talk about 400 meters being the best range for employing the AT rifle, it mentions somewhere in the test that the best range for destroying tanks is around 100 meters. Which makes more sense.

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The light weight of the rifle, ease of carry, relatively simple preparation of firing positions, and ability to employ natural obstacles for cover - all these capabilities make the crew of the antitank rifle invulnerable.
I think the INVULNERABLE part was my favorite. Please model this. ;)
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