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shoot and scoot

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Just thinking, do people use shoot and scoot order. Is it any way better than combining

normal hunt/move to contact / reverse orders ?

What is the exact execution/semantics of shoot and scoot. It is:

1) move to shoot wpt as fast as possible, fire, retreat

2) move to waypt, fire at will during moving,


etc. etc


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It need not reverse to the second waypoint. It will if that waypoint is behind the first. But if you place the second waypoint ahead of the first along the same line of movement, you get a short firing halt, after which the AFV will move out again, forward, at fast speed. This is actually the main use I make of it, rather than for "top hat and lowski" drills.

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Charging perhaps, but more often moving from cover to cover. For example, I commonly use it to pull out from behind a house, hill, or body of woods, go fast to a mid point on the way to the next, take a shot while there, and then continue forward to the next bit of cover, back into dead ground.

This is most effective when several tanks are doing it, from different places on the map. Somewhat staggered, too, if possible. Often I get a few shots off (one per tank I mean), and the enemy tracks one vehicle, gets off maybe a shot or two but at a target moving fast, then spends time rotating to another, etc.

StuGs and slow turrets are especially susceptible. Closing the distance also increases the width of the arc my tanks present, which increases rotating time and the chances of someone getting a flank shot, etc.

A hunt order would instead stop in the open and try to duel. Which will often get my guy killed, and is not what I want. Just fast moving, on the other hand, won't threaten the enemy. Shots fired while actually moving have hit chances in the single digits of percent - a waste of ammo.

Works well for me, particularly when using lights or vanilla Allies (T-34s, Shermans) against thicker enemies.

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A couple of comments and questions?

Jason, do you manually target or let the AI do the job?

Does the movement sequence go something like this - fast>waypoint (change directon)>fast.

I've read elsewhere that others use a movement command in the middle. Is this necessary?

Is there an inherent coding fault that overemphasises the effectiveness of the tank gyrostabilizers (used on Shermans and Stuarts)? I've only started playing and have noticed that Shermans are much more effective when moving (harder to hit and more accurate).

By the way, great forum and thanks to all that contribute. smile.gif

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