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Looking for ATF's SPW 251's

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I'm looking for Andrew Fox's SPW 251 series (yellow). I've checked CMMODS & CMHQ & can't find them. I have his grey 250 & 251 series done up as CMMOS mods & would like to get the yellow 251's. If anyone know where I can get them I'd appreciate it. Or possibly if someone wouldn't mind sending them to me (to Murr39@aol.com) I'd really appreciate it.

It's a long shot but I figured that I'd try.


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Originally posted by David I:

AndrewTF (The Great & Powerful),

Are you going to re-upload these to CMMODs? Are they the same as the ones for CMAK?


I like the "Great and Powerful" bit. We need to add "wealthy" in there, too... ;)

I will upload them again to CMMods.com. They are similar to the CMAK versions, but are plain dunkelgelb without the camouflage pattern. The CMAK ones should work ok in CMBB.

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This is really a message for AndrewTF - did you manage to find the time to upload those plain dunkelgelb 251s to CMMODS? I can't seem to find them, they are very good and it's great fun to be able to mix up colours of the 251 fleet between camo and plain yellow etc etc. If the dunkelgelb ones are up on CMMODS pl would someone please point me in the right direction?


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