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CMX2 (maybe CMAK??) Shifting OOB option

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A nice mod/design change to consider would be giving the scenario designer an option to have shifting OOB's depending on the Axis Human/Allied AI, Axis AI/Allied Human, and PBEM. A scenario designer could tailor the units for each side - e.g., selecting PBEM would load the scenairo with a balanced force, while selecting Axis AI/Allied human would add "Axis AI" designated units or subtrace "Allied Human" designated units. This would be much better than the "Axis +50%" or "Allied + 100%" option, which blindly adds units (but is still pretty useful - and much desired- for generating an overwhelming challenge).

For example, a scenario design could include one or two well placed Allied anti-tank guns that only appear for the allied AI player, and are not present for the allied human player. Likewise, the axis AI player may have one extra tank platoon, while the axis human would not have the extra tank. Thus, the OOB would "shift", depending on the side the human player selects. This would also eliminate the need for several versions of the same scenario, each tailored for PBEM, Axis human, or Axis AI.

Does not seem like it would be too difficult to implement (unless work is so far along that design changes can't be incorporated without slipping a budget or schedule - we all have to make a buck, I suppose...).

Such a capability was available in the Operational Art of War series through the event editor, and was pretty useful in designing scenarios that would offer the human player a challenge no matter what side he played.

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Yes, you can make variants of the same scenairo (as I pointed out in the original post) - but then you have three files instead of one, and it is a little extra work for the scenario designer (booking three files, uploading three files to scenario depot, make one change in one file, you may need to make the change in all three... and so on). The nice thing about a shifting OOB is that it is easier to have unit designations to create the shifting OOB - and, if you have a selection to ignore unit designations, you could have yet another OOB. Thus, you could have three or four different OOB's in one file, depending on the selection.

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