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Why is my AA not firing?

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Der Kuenstler,

I think Stoffel's right. Your Flakvierling is unlikely to shoot unless something passes more or less directly over the gun. If you think about what you've done and the attendant engagement geometry,

your gun is sitting on the ground surrounded by a forest of trees some 20 meters high. You are attempting to see planes operating at low altitude

and engage them out to some 2000 meters or so. Your gun crewmen know that 2 cm Flak is impact fuzed and are not at all anxious to experience a dozen or so treebursts in their immediate vicinity

from opening fire on the woods. Thus, and because they've been ordered not to waste ammo, they don't shoot. Be grateful! Your deployment might work, though, if your Flakvierling were in woods on top of a hill or mountain. Why not run some experiments?


John Kettler

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I remember reading the same thing, Der Kuenstler.

Are you certain that the plane is, indeed, an enemy plane and not one of your own?

Do you have a cover arc issued to the AA gun?

Is the AA gun hiding?

That's all I can think of other than your idea that the gun is out of range.

Good luck and let us know what you find out!

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The other thing that can happen is that the gun is caught rotating, and fails to track all the way to the deflection to align with the plane, before the plane clears the area. If you give the gun a rotate to command toward the center of the map, and it is near an edge, you can usually avoid this. In the middle, if the plane targets something "behind you", you can spend the entire available engagement period trying to align and not quite make it.

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