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Pictures of Jagdtiger

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So look at these pictures and compare them to CMBB screenshot of Jagtiger i think that in CMBB the lower hull is larger than it was in reality.

and there is this thing that how can Jagdtiger Take out JS3 from more than 400m cause it cannot penetrate JS3:s armor from that long.

So Here is a link to a real pictures of jagdtiger

http://www.jagdtiger.de/index2.htm :confused:

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Lou, what is that supposed to have to do with the issue at hand?

Reozil: the graphical models in CMBO and CMBB do not influence hit probablity on the various parts of the tanks. All tanks have the same probablity that a hit goes to the turret, the gun, the upper or lower hull. The individual geometry of the given tank is not taken into account.

There has been a lot of bitching about this in the past about the Panzer IV. The late Panzer IV variants have a much thinner turret front than hull front. In reality this was halfway acceptable because the turret front is smaller than on other tanks (the turret front part that is not heavily angled or covered by the gun mantlet). But in CM that is not taken into account, the Panzer IV gets the same probably of turret hit as every other tank and dead it is from 37mm shots.

So no matter how big the lower hull of your Jagdtiger looks in the CM 3D model, it doesn't matter - it gets the same chance of lower hull hit as everybody else.

Hope this helps.

[ April 21, 2003, 07:39 AM: Message edited by: redwolf ]

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Lou, what is that supposed to have to do with the issue at hand?

Nothing to do with the original quiestion ....but

Its just that when reozil joined the forum a couple of weeks ago his first post was asking where he could download a copy of the manual !

When it was 'suggested' that perhaps he isnt using a legitimate version of CMBB ..... he didnt respond and just disapreared for a few days.

Then when he showed up again last week, I again 'suggested' that he has a pirate copy .. again, no response !

If he replies with what version he has then its easy to prove that he has an original disk .... and manual, as he'd be able to answer some simple questions.....

Though he may choose not to answer !!!!

Now I may well be wrong ... and will happily appologise ... but I usually find that when something smells fishy ... its usually a fish !

and there is a distinct smell of halibut coming from Reozil's general direction !

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Sorry Reozil for going off topic but...


You have persistanstly harrassed this member from day one..You have no hard evidence showing either way of him having a legitimate copy or not.Secondly he has no obligation to answer to you or any other member of this board.Third if there is a problem then it is up to MadMatt and BFC to handle the issue not you.So drop the subject.You are not a Mod nor the forum police force so stop actinmg like it.

[ April 21, 2003, 10:23 AM: Message edited by: Erwin Rommel ]

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Has to do with the angle of the shot...it could hit for the lower hull...as for not being able to penetrate, where did you get that information?

128mm Jagdtiger gun

100 500 1000 1500 2000meters

189mm 166mm 143mm 127mm 117mm

187mm 178mm 167mm 157mm 148mm

Front hull armor on an IS3 was 120mm, and various angles from 50-53 degrees.

Turret armor varied by the location of the turret, at the bottom of the turret about 220 mm and 110mm at the top of the turret. Again, angles vary.

Very possible to get kills past 400 meters from the front.

Why are you worried about a tank that did NOT see service during WWII?


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