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New and Updated WW Soviet AFV's Posted

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I gave A try at whitewashing mchlstrt's T-26's, everything's done but that goofy twin turreted MG armed model-1931 version.

I also updated the BT-2 and the T34-m44's of which the same bmp set is also used by the T-44 and OT34-85, I used MikeyD's green based summer version for this.

Hopefully some of ya well find them useful. smile.gif







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Yo J2D, I just updated that T26 pack to fix that discoloured muffler on that model you can see in ths screenie above. It was getting to the point where I could hardly see the monitor, let along what was on it.

I posted a patch for any of those who already downloaded the pack, though this patch isn't going to be hanging around cmmods forever. smile.gif

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Hi Patboy, I'm glad ya like em dude, maybe more after awhile. :D

Hi Mchlstrt, thanks for the comments and again thanks for making those T26's. After winterizing them I have even more appreciation for what you musta went through making them.

As far as that WW effect on the T34, it is due to the method I used, I used a pattern made with a splotch effect, then in this case I also used a texture affect in combo that would enhance that effect even further. The turret side was the biggest problem for me, it was a real bitch to get the same color affect on it to match the rest of the tank. smile.gif

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