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Tank Ramming

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This site about the Red Army: Here says that ramming one's T-34 into german tanks was a somewhat common occurence and that it was especially useful in destroying softer skinned vehicles. Has anyone even so much as "bumped" into an active opposing vehicle? I've bumped into my own and I've bumped into wrecks...but never a "live" enemy. I would imagine the game doesn't allow for this to be used as a method of disabling one's enemy, but I would be curious to see if anyone has had any experience with this anyway.

Would, for instance, an SPW 251/1 bail out in fear if you drove your KV-2 into it? A PZ II?


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As far as I have seen so far in CMBB, you can't ram for damage, but you can push vehicles out of the way. I have never witnessed damage to either vehicle from the actual act of pushing, and all contact has been incidental.

If you have a "Horatio at the Bridge" situation where you know you are going to lose a tank but you want to hold a bridge, rotate the tank to a 90 degree angle on the bridge so he covers more of the road when he dies. The enemy TacAI will plot around or through his corpse, but it will definitely slow the enemy down as he crosses, giving any forces on your side of the bridge a better shot. Piling up dead tanks on a bridge just makes it worse for following vehicles.

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Guest PondScum

In a particularly nasty Rune scenario, I just managed to (unintentionally) push a live BA-64 armored car off a bridge with a 251/1 halftrack. Didn't have any effect on the armored car, though - the damn thing is now stuck on the side of a cliff 40m down, and it's almost impossible to get a clean shot at it.

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Originally posted by PondScum

In a particularly nasty Rune scenario,

Um, could you be more specific? This doesn't narrow it down at all.

Hasn't this all ready been beat to death, along with "why can't my tanks run over troops?" and the ever fun "chi square of my pie square proves that the AI is a big meanie and it cheats...now with more statistics"?

Can't we just be happy with the shiney new toys that have?

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I was playing a QB once, as the Germans. I wanted to see just how effective captured S-35's would be against Russian armour - which turned out to be BT-7's and T-26's.

Anyhow, I pretty much kicked butt, and advanced to the Russian side of the map, swinging my 4 S-35's in a half circle, to come back up behind an obstinate T-26.

Unfortunately, I plotted my movement for one of my S-35's too close to the T-26 (which was near the edge of the map) - and when my S-35 swung around, it bumped the T-26.

The T-26 then proceeded to get knocked back, just a little bit - but it was enough to push it right off the map.

I viewed the movie again, to make sure of what I saw, and indeed, the T-26 was still alive and kicking when it was bumped off of the map - which then had the effect of cheapening my victory.

In any event - I thought I'd mention it, as its certainly a "tactic" I'd never want to use, inadvertently or on purpose. I'm sure there are others out there also, who don't want to knock their opponents units off the map in such a cheap and gamey fashion - and then be held accountable for such cheeziness.

Of course, it goes without saying, that I'm sure nobody wants to have this done to them (on purpose or not) so its also something to be aware of.

Cheers smile.gif

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