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Meeting! Another CMBO scenario converted to CMBB

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When this scenario was played in CMBO it was an intense PBEM enjoyed by all!( well maybe all, somebody usually lost a battle). This scenario can be played against AI with some heated firefights too! Get it atWarfare HQ Scenario Archieve or at the Scenario Depot . Have Fun! :D

Title: Meeting!

Type: Meeting engagement (fictional)

Date: June 22, 1944

Location: Russia

Region: All Combined

Weather: Clear, Warm

Terrain: Dry

Wind: Still

Length: 35 + (variable)

Author's Note: This scenario is designed for PBEM. Can play either side vs. AI. This is a remake of a scenario I designed for CMBO. There have been some adjustments to the forces to make it exciting. I chose to include a victory location in this version of the scenario.

The Germans and Russians are moving forward to begin their next offensive. There has been a lull in the fighting in this area. Finally, they can see some sunlight as the forest begins to break up. The troops are happy to know that they will rest soon and have been assigned to hold the next crossroad for 24 hours while the next division moves through their positions. They are looking forward to a hot meal and some rest.

author: Michael "Gonzo" Gonzalez

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