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CMMOS how to guide, anyone interested?

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I have been asked to work up a how to guide for CMMOS. I am nearly finished now and it needs some testing/checkout by non-modders, which I think I have now.

But I would like to know if this will be useful?

Here is how I am doing this:

1) a private ruleset will be provided. You can use this in any way you wish. It is yours to populate with any mod(s) you want and in any order

2) a detailed how to tutorial going step by step using Gautrek's Marder III as a base. I will include the finished CMMOS mod as well so you can compare notes to the finished job.

3) some hints and tricks I have discovered to help you in tweaking CMMOS mods

4) I am also providing my start CMMOS file that means you are left with only having to fill in the blanks to create a mod

The real trick here is the private ruleset, RuleSet600, and the start files. This will mean you do not have to contact me for a ruleset number. You can add any mod you wish in any order. This will give you the flexibility to do private mods as you want.

The starter means that most of the "what do I do next" questions are answered. You simply replace XXX's with the necessary information, and the how to tells you what information is necessary.

There is also a section on turning someone else's private mod to work with yours just in case there is a number conflict.

The procedure is really quite simple.

So, in a few days there will be two sites. The downloads include the starter files, the new ruleset, an example mod already done and ready for final testing, plus some misc reference files.

Let me know what you think.


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