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Three-and-a-half-years of campaigning: OW IV

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Just wanted to mention that with CM:Campaigns half-dead and the game engine being older than my gandfather, there is a grand strategy campaign still going on, and it started in early 2003. We've had our share of GM burnout and player dropouts, but, like Rocky, we fight on. There's always been someone to jump into the breach when we needed it the most, and that's more than I could say of any other campaign I know of.

And so the fight for the tiny, fictional backwater island of Fea Cebola continues. And CMBB still lives.


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Can you post a graphic of the current situation map, just for interest's sake? I was part of the original Onion Wars campaign (I think it was the original, back in the days of red vs. blue) and found it fun. I take red v blue was a beta and things started over again with green vs yellow. Is it still the same grand campaign? How many months/years of game time have progressed and how long have things been going on?

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