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MikeyD Please Convert Rubble to CMBO

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Hey MikeyD, do that and I will actually play a CMBO battle for the first time since winter. :D The one difference between BO and BB that sticks out most--and bothers me most--is the 2-D flat rubble.

I'd love to have it also. Can't...wait...until...CMAK...must...play...Western Europe... smile.gif

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This is pretty straightforward. MikeyD's CMBB rubble consists of BMP's 2180, 2181, and 672. The first 2 can't be used in CMBO because they are the 'doodads' and the CMBO game engine doesn't cater for them. However 672 can be used. In fact the BMP number in CMBO is exactly the same - so just unzip 672 into your CMBO BMP folder and you have MikeyD rubble. I've been using it for a while and it really is a huge improvement over the default texture.

Hope this helps. :D

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