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Terrific grog resource; may be old hat to some

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I used to know a guy at Rockwell who was going for a Ph.D. in Russian Area Studies at Georgetown University. The dissertation was on the history of Soviet strategic air defense.

Imagine a spook (ex CIA and DIA) who looked like a Botticelli cherub and delighted in earthy Russian limericks and jokes. Used to bring copies of Vestnik PVO, Vizh, etc. to work and regale me with tales of the Soviet response to the Zeppelin threat. People who visited his apartment said it basically consisted of corridors through huge stacks of such magazines and books (used to get Library of Congress discards). It was through his library contacts at Rockwell (he spearheaded ordering Soviet pubs from Victor Kamkin) that I was able to get some real treasures, including

the fifty year GPW commemorative book, Na Strazy Mira I Sotsializma, a border guard book, the Artillery Officer's Handbook, the Ocean Shield book, and a book on the Czech military. The high resolution color photography of the SA-13, HIND F, etc. was far better than what I had in my classified intel pubs at the time, so my colleagues and I had a field day when the books came. he gave me some books on the history of Soviet aviation developments, too. Memories!


John Kettler

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